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The local site can be accessed using localhost:8080/ems. The java applet trying to connect to ocsp.verisign.com, crl.and csc3-2010-crl.about 30 times to verify the verisign signature.

Note: The safenet people replied it is the problem of jre installation and I need to re-install.

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To build Mesa with SCons for Windows on Linux using the Min GW crosscompiler toolchain do Put them all in the same directory to test them. In order to achieve that one should update their local manifest to point to the upstream repo, set the appropriate BOARD_GPU_DRIVERS and build the lib GLES_mesa library.

FINISHME: Improve on the instructions add references to Rob H repos/Jenkins, Android-x86 and/or other resources.

If you are having trouble downloading Captivate 8 or any product using Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 8 or 7, you can fix it by adding the combatability view list.

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