Mobile video chat c2c

The ITM video teller is prompted when the customer pulls up to a drive thru ITM | ATM machine and touches the screen or selects the Live Teller option.

The TCB Live Teller appears in the screen to assist the customer with making account withdrawals, cash or check deposits, loan payments and transfers to or from accounts.

If you prefer your business to be more discreet, you can also use the on-screen text messaging function.

What does the ITM allow me to do that the ATM did not?

We plan to update this web page frequently telling our customers when the new machines will be in their area. For ITM transactions, you will not use your debit card. Customers will continue to use their debit card for ATM card-assisted withdrawals. Simply use your card like you have always done when making an ATM transaction.Though attempts of building Letgo clone apps would not result in a disruption of global magnitude like Letgo but could help in acquiring a chunk of a local market share where the business originates.Readymade solutions are, by far, the best medium to build a Let Go Clone app.Our TCB Live Tellers are available for extended banking hours from am to pm, which allows us to continue serving our customers beyond our traditional banking hours.That way you can still get to see a teller and tell them what you need and get your banking done with a customer service feel.The customer’s receipt includes the image of any check deposited.

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