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I found whenever I broke or tried to bend the rules, the guy whoever he was, quickly lost interest.

I found I didn’t like online dating (the guys expected too much too soon), and started making myself go out Thursday nights and weekends (if I didn’t have a date) to meet new people. 3 was the magic number for the amount of men I would date at once.He told me he loved me first – of course, by this time, I was far gone. So was it really that surprising that on my 30th birthday, 7 months into our relationship, he got down on one knee and proposed?When we got married a year and a half later(long engagement was intentional) , how surprising was it that in the wedding vows he read to me that it was the best day of his life when I “Finally agreed to go out” with him. I don’t worry one bit if my husband is out this second looking for the next girl.And after our date that weekend, I gave him a kiss as thank you for the dinner and great conversation—but left him outside my door.Later in our relationship, he admitted to me that the fact that I didn’t make it easy for him made a huge impression.I did not approach him, though I kept my face happy and open.

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