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Passing on the fries and the cheese from your burger will save 300 cals.

Trim 250 calories a day and you can shed up to two pounds a month.

Do quick sets of pushups, situps, or jumping jacks during the commercial breaks of your favorite TV shows.

Remove temptation at home and you’re much more likely to stick to your plan.

Eating a slice of whole-wheat bread with peanut butter can keep you from pigging out after a hard workout.

They’re a compound exercise that works nearly every muscle in your body.

A 3- to 5-ounce serving should be about as big as a smartphone. The more muscles you can recruit with proper form, the stronger you’ll get, and the more fat you’ll burn.

It contains less sugar and more energy-boosting antioxidants than milk chocolate. The smaller plate will limit how much you can pile on.You’ll save 700 cals and 100 cals per half cup, respectively.You’ll be more motivated knowing what you look like and where you want to go. Servings of starches should never be bigger than a baseball.Grilled, baked, sautéed, steamed, oven-fried, roasted, marinara, and primavera are all good options. Swap out your old program for a new one every four to six weeks.Strap on an elastic exercise band to make the sprints harder and burn more fat.

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