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Plains bison were introduced to the state in 1928 in hopes of providing future hunting opportunities.

That year, twenty-three plains bison were moved from the National Bison Range in Montana to Alaska's Delta River area.

If you shoot an illegal bison, you are required to field dress the animal and bring it to either the ADF&G office in Delta (Richardson Highway Milepost 266.7; phone 907-895-4484) or the nearest Alaska State Troopers office (Alaska Highway Milepost 1420.7; phone 907-895-4681).

It is best to contact either the Alaska Department of Fish and Game or the Troopers as soon as possible to let them know that you will be field dressing an illegally shot animal and will be bringing it in.

If the bullet exits, the animal will probably leave a visible blood trail. What happens if you shoot an illegal bison (e.g., the wrong sex, more than one)?

However, hunting these animals can be more complicated than hunting other Alaska big game.

Bison are herding animals, with massive bodies, and they can be difficult to kill.

The State has the authority to reduce the Class A Misdemeanor to a Violation (similar to a traffic violation) if the hunter himself or herself reports their illegal kill.

Even in the coldest weather, it is very important to skin your bison carcass and allow it to cool quickly.

Before a hunter takes a shot, it is his or her responsibility to be sure they can make a clean and accurate shot.

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