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If you want options like this you must upgrade to Subscription Membership.(c) All standard members messages are scanned by us (usually by way of an automated script) to check that the service is not being abused and that contact information or arrangements are not being exchanged.Membership is billed on a reoccurring basis until you decide to cancel your membership.(c) Subscription member services are provided to you as and from when your registration and fee is processed.

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(d) If you wish at any stage to cancel your subscription membership you must do it at least 5 working days before it is due.

Not all features of the website are available to standard members but you will be able to contact and be contacted by other people.

(b) Standard Members may contact other members but are NOT permitted to send to other members’ personal/contact information such as for example email address, phone numbers, or arrangements to meet.

On registration, we may send you an activation code to verify that the email address provided by you is valid before we accept your membership.

(a) Standard Members can access the Website and send and receive messages to other members for free.

By using this website, you warrant that you have the right and capacity to enter into this Agreement and to abide by all its terms and conditions.

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