Good intimidating songs my computer keeps updating and restarting

Unlike Ireland, Scotland or England, rugby in Wales was and is the game of the people.

From the university-educated to the man digging in the coal pit, rugby gave them hope when their lives had little. The pain inflicted on the local communities because of her government’s policies was shocking to behold. Families I lived next door to had little food and had to scrap hard to feed to their families.

He raised his arms, pausing for and getting a dramatic effect.

He glanced around the vast colosseum, seeming to make eye contact with every Welsh fan in the house.

I first witnessed it in the early 1980s, while on a playing stint with Swansea Athletic.

Richard Moriarty, the future Welsh captain and uncle of the current Welsh backrow Ross Moriarty, was a team-mate and gave me tickets to the Wales against Ireland match in 1985.

So when the offense taken by fans gets personal, suddenly a goofy, out-of-step novelty like “We Made You” is one of the worst songs they’ve ever heard.When you break it down and consider that singing traditional hymns at an international rugby match intimidates opposition teams, it is quite bizarre. In South Africa our bus was pelted with oranges as it arrived at the ground in northern Pretoria and our warm-up was disrupted by ice throwing drunks.In Scotland, our warm-up on the back oval at Murrayfield, next to the car park, was disrupted by a rouge Land Rover taking a short cut through our players to get the last parking space.Here are ten songs that Eminem fans should go back and understand are in the great tradition of his best.“Puke,” (2004)You know Eminem’s a veteran rock star because he loves including lighter-waving power ballads on each album since “Hailie’s Song.” This one’s his strongest melody since “Mockingbird,” if more groaningly yelped than ever.His voice cracking at the end of each refrain is a wink that he knows he’s out of his depth. Don’t leave him out of your timelines while crediting Drake and Kanye with popularizing sing-rap. Music can help you cope with your feelings after a bad break up; it can also assist you in wallowing in self-pity after a bad break up. We want to be somewhere else: waking up in a new Bugatti (instead of on a used futon), listening to Boo & Gotti because you set your alarm ringer to "Fiesta (Remix)," popping bottles instead of not-yet-ready whiteheads, hanging out with beautiful models instead of masturbating at 3 am to some girl you kind-of-know's public Facebook photos. Hey rap's got that, too.) Real life is often tragic and sad, but rap can teleport you elsewhere for 16 bars. Then toss on a song with violent overtones and pretend to be a gangbanger.

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