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Coinciding with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the biggest online retail shopping events in the United States, the Pinoy Cyber Sale aims to provide a unifying platform for all e-commerce businesses in the Philippines.

Geared to become an annual event, the Pinoy Cyber Sale works to fuel the growth of online purchases in the country and promote familiarity and confidence of shopping online among Filipinos.

He also posted the websites in a Facebook fan page called Anonymous #Occupy Philippines, which has over 1000 likes and counting. In his defacement he said: He also included a logo of a guy wearing a Fawkes mask and an embedded rock soundtrack in his defaced page.

It looks like the guy is a supporter of Anonymous based on what he just said on his defacement.

“We denounce such cyber-attacks regardless from which side they are coming from.Although, the government of the Philippines is looking forward to establishing an agency that deals with this kind of dilemma.But somehow the statement of Hernandez strikes a point because China is known for state funded cyber espionages, and the underground groups in the Philippines are growing. He just wants to call off the guys, and I cannot blame him for that.Did they really want to issue an attack that could be traced back to China?No logs were shown by the official, maybe because of confidentiality.I can’t really say that these were from the Chinese because there was no sufficient evidence given by the spokesperson and because who would like to be traced back from an IP address where your country belongs to? If they want real cyber espionage then they would use a different network to initiate a series of Denial of Service attacks (Do S) or Distributed Denial of Service (DDo S) attacks.

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