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Right) and that’s a great thing to observe because it segues right into talking about the differences between men and women, which is always a good subject for conversation when flirting.

If you have cold-reading skills, this is a great place to apply them, because a great, accurate observation about her is a powerful DHV spike in addition to a strong opener.

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Now the PUA will start to turn away from the set – a “body rock” – to imply that he’s leaving with his body language, then he’ll come back and continue: PUA: “But it’s more than that. ” because it doesn’t trigger any sort of emotional reaction, and can be answered with one or two word responses.So let’s explore some of the fundamentals of what you should say when you open a new set.Many new students to PUA hate the idea of using a canned opener.This is one of the most common types of opener, and it’s best exemplified by Style’s “jealous girlfriend” opener.And it goes something like this (you should not deliver this verbatim – you should find a way to make the language of it yours).All you do is notice something interesting about the room, or her, and share it. Take one half step away from them, then turn back and say, “So how do you guys know each other?

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