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What I hadn’t bargained for was conceiving twins and a sudden deterioration of my sight during pregnancy. I’m sometimes asked if I feel guilty about passing it on, but why would I?

I don’t know why this was – I’ve never really wanted to look into it. Everyone faces the potential of having a disabled child and if we didn’t have children because of that there wouldn’t be many children in the world.

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I was concerned how I was going to cope with two babies and a husband who had to work full-time.

uk She lives in Lancashire and has three daughters, aged 17, 18 and 21, whom she has raised alone since the youngest was four. I was born severely sight impaired, so I’ve never really known any different.

My condition is called aniridia and it’s congenital – I inherited it from my dad, and two of my four children inherited it from me.

My neurologist thinks I’ve had RRMS since I was about 13, which developed into SPMS.

This is quite unusual and means my condition is advanced for my age, and that it’s harder to give any kind of prognosis for the future.

I wanted to breast-feed but, if I couldn’t, how would I make up the bottles? As it was, the twins, a boy and a girl, came early at 30 weeks, and at nine weeks old we lost our son. I had a baby to look after and more challenges than most mums, but I managed, and loved being a mum. By this point I felt I didn’t need help – or want it. That has been one of the hardest things throughout.

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