Tlc dating story


The parents always beam over the new addition to their family, the religious leader officiating the ceremony always offers a soundbite that praises the couple as an ideal for young people today. Then we follow them through the process from decorating the nursery to breathing through pain in the delivery room.It all culminates with the smiling family gathered around the bundle of joy.In separate conversations with Bill and Jen, a TLC producer asked the Little Couple about how they met.Read their responses, and and be sure to check out Little Couple videos as they celebrate 5 years of marriage. Bill: Let's see here..first meeting with Jennifer was when we were ten years old. She was in for surgery, and I was in for physical therapy. We had so many close encounters all those times we met or almost met in our lives.Or, even more disturbing, are they learning gender stereotypes, purposely taught, that should have gone out the door with those 1950s home economics textbooks we've all heard about? If you don't believe me, look at all of those "Story" programs on TLC's daytime programming, when the viewership is primarily female. Next we have "A Dating Story." True, this one beats a lot of the voyeuristic dating shows on other channels.The ones that told women: Take 15 minutes to rest so you will be refreshed when he arrives. First, we have "A Makeover Story." Yes, it is true that occassionally men are made over on "A Makeover Story," and in general there may be nothing wrong with a makeover show now and then. In TLC's version, singles are paired up by mutual friends who have always thought they would be "right" for each other.Take our poll: What kind of gifts are usually exchanged for a 5 year anniversary?Q: Did you ever hear from each other or about each other after that hospital run-in?

I'm not suggesting that TLC slide down the slippery slope to strippers and whipped cream, but TLC's wedding world doesn't seem any more real than the one on Fox.Good or bad, this is the series in the quadrology that pulls no punches -- we see the mother screaming in labor, begging for ice chips, crushing the expectant father's hand. It undoubtedly seems the least scrubbed, since not every scene is a Kodak moment. If I have to point it out to you, you need your remote control taken away.Here's their message to women: First, your job is to look good; hence, "A Makeover Story." Once that task is achieved, the next phase of said plan is to "find a man" -- "A Dating Story." If that goes well, we have "A Wedding Story," and then, final phase, "A Baby Story." Welcome to The Babymaking Channel.Both Bill and I were interested in going into medicine and we both shadowed our surgeon, but I never got to meet him because we did it at different times.They also told Bill about me, and we still never connected.He offered this internship to one person each summer; while there, she was told all about me, this guy living in New York.

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