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50) Waiters tender their resignations by screaming “Fuck this place! Feel free to list your own warning signs in the comments section!

” in the middle of the dining room floor on Saturday night.

Pellham said that the four young men waited about 10 minutes to be seated despite only two other tables in the restaurant being occupied.'The server comes out..walks over to the young men's table with their order slips,' Pellham wrote.

'She then asks for them to pay before the cook will prepare their food.' Palmer Pellham (right) said he and his wife, Esther (left), were eating at a Denny's in Federal Way, Washington, when a waitress and a manager asked a group of American-American men to pay for their food in advance Pellham said the waitress told the group that several people had ordered food and then left without paying so her manager had told her to ask diners to pay first.

In 1994, Denny's agreed to pay a .4million settlement after black customers alleged they were being treated differently than white customers (Pictured, the Pellhams' receipt from Denny's)This is not the first time the franchise has faced accusations of discrimination.

In 1994, Denny's agreed to pay more than .4million to settle lawsuits filed by thousands of black customers who had been refused service or had been forced to wait longer or pay more than white customers.

Trainees often get used as unpaid slave labor and are told after their “probationary period” that “things aren’t working out.” 6) There are porn screensavers on the owner’s computer.

1) They hire you the moment you say, “I’m looking for a job.” 2) You start working Friday and Saturday nights the first week.26) The manager makes you empty your pockets, looking for aforementioned hoarded teaspoons. (Good evening, I’m Typhoid Mary and I’ll be your waitress tonight.) 32) If you lose a credit card slip the owner takes the check amount out of your compensation until the credit card company transmits the funds into his account. (Common) 35) Busboys take uneaten bread out of table’s breadbasket and use it for a new table.27) There’s never any soap or hand sanitizer around. 29) The manager is constantly calling you to work extra shifts and threatening you with dismissal if you don’t “help out.” 30) You show up for work to find the manager cut you from the floor. 36) You’re working a double and the manager laughs when you ask to take a break.'This type of behavior is unacceptable for any reason and is clearly inconsistent with our practices and policies.After a swift investigation, the employees involved in this incident are no longer employed by our franchisee and no longer a part of the Denny's system.' This is not the first time the franchise has faced accusations of discrimination.16) Owner, GM, or chef makes fun of a staff person’s significant others. ) 24) They take money out of your check for staff meals but don’t feed you.

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