Advice on dating friends ex


A couple of years ago, I met a beautiful, intelligent, hilarious girl I wanted to befriend.We'll call her Sarah since that is absolutely not her name.How long after a breakup is it alright to become friends with your ex? Will it prevent us from not moving on as quickly if we weren't friends?

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We were at a Friendsgiving potluck, and I girl-crushed on her instantly.I was convinced he would cheat on me or find someone shinier, better, purer of heart. S., I'm Catholic too, so the guilt part always carries a maddeningly long tail. Sarah would punch me in the face, and we'd be hugging it out by now. I was curious to see how I'd act — what I'd say and what she'd say back.Recently, I saw Sarah at a party in the bathroom line. But not so curious that I didn't hightail it the hell out of there.The next thing I'm going to work on is my fear of confrontation. If only searing guilt and misplaced envy weren't so damn time-consuming.Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.Not only do you have a better sense of who you are and you suffer fewer fools, but also since you're no longer beholden to the nonsensical hierarchy of "being cool," you can cherry-pick only those smarty-pants weirdos with whom you can really laugh. They'd been dating for forever (which empirically means five years) and living together for four years.

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