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Care is coordinated with your current provider and offers an alternative to hospitalization The program provides treatment, education and coping skills that help patients manage their symptoms and improve their level of functioning. On day one, you will meet with a nurse and a psychiatrist for several hours in the morning to go over your medical and mental health history and review your medications.After a brief orientation by the clinical counselor, you will begin the Re Visions program.In the 1980s, The Golden Girls showed America that singles can be vibrant and sexy at any age.These iconic television characters may have famously shared stories over late-night cheesecakes, but they were also depicted as active adults who enjoyed volunteer work, taking classes, working, dating, traveling and taking part in community plays and events.Many of these single active adults opt to live in age-restricted or age-targeted communities, and for good reason.Active adults communities allow older singles to do many things, such as: 1.The key to success is a willingness to participate in intensive psychotherapy groups and take an active role in your recovery.Patients who are actively psychotic, who have a serious drug or alcohol problem, or who have cognitive impairment (dementia) will not benefit from this type of program.

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Age-restricted or age-targeted communities let residents live among peers while pursuing a variety of social and recreational opportunities.For single adults, active adult communities can be an ideal way to meet new people, become involved in a community, make close friends, stay active or even find a new life partner.Over 26 percent of Americans ages 18 and older — about one in four adults — suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year.Patients must also be able to manage walking, eating and other activities on their own, or have an assistant to help. MUSC Re Visions is located at 295 Calhoun Street, Suite FP101, Charleston, SC 29401.For more acute or complex problems, the Institute of Psychiatry offers several inpatient settings and services.It can also lead to more opportunities to meet peers who may turn out to be supportive neighbors or even close friends. Join Social Clubs Whether joining a book club, sharing a love of tennis, meeting to ride motorcycles, or performing with a choir, the diverse social clubs offered at active adult communities provide single adults with many ways to share their interests with others.

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