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and if you recognise any, start making some changes today! Have you been known to get a bit overexcited and chatter on for too long?Ever walked out of an interview and thought “I genuinely didn’t learn anything about that candidate..?Always practice your answers out loud so you can express this clearly and confidently on the day Depersonalise: The interviewer is trying to see if you will stay calm under pressure or “lose it”.So treat this is as a game, where you win if you can retain your self-control despite provocation and dirty tactics from your opponent Body Language: The interview may use poor eye-contact, fidgeting, arms folded etc are.It should be much more like a conversation than a lecture.Think about it; you want to find out about their personality, skills, experience, interests and weaknesses – you’re never going to do that if you’re droning on for a whole hour.Unfortunately, many interviewers forget this and end up sabotaging the whole process themselves!

Buy yourself more thinking time by repeating the question back to make sure you’ve understood it e.g.

Nor are they confined only to the psychopathic bully whose path you may have had the misfortune to cross.

Where a job involves handling pressure, conflict or dealing with difficult people, then the “stress interview” can be a very immediate way of checking if the candidate is likely to cope in the job.

” A good interviewer will take time prior to the interview to come up with a list of leading questions they hope to ask their candidate (click here for some examples).

Then, during the interview, they’ll let the candidate do most of the talking, with the addition of occasional probing questions as and when they wish to find out more.

It enables the employer to see their conflict management skills at first-hand by employing tactics such as: • Intimidation to make you feel uncomfortable • Confusing questions • Interrupting or talking over you • Making negative personal comments Preparation: It is easy to intimidate someone who has not done their homework , so make sure you have thoroughly researched the company, product, competitors etc.

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