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If Kenny, Hector, and the various desperate people they meet along their way to the bottom didn’t feel deep shame about the things they had done, the hackers would have no leverage. Though most of the acts “Shut Up and Dance” mentions are illegal — with the exception of a woman trying to keep her racist emails under lock and key — no one mentions being afraid of legal retribution.

Instead, they’re terrified of what this information could do to their families, and what their friends would think.

Then they drive to a deserted field, where they split up, and Kenny has to fistfight another victim — another pedophile — to the death.

It’s just a series of escalating dares, each one a little more dangerous than the last.

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Sometimes used for simple conversations, but most often for exhibitionistic/voyeuristic remote sex.And so the burning shame radiating throughout Kenny and Hector compel them onward to do terrible things.Whether or not those things are worse than what they’ve already done is up to us; neither the hackers nor the episode itself seems interested in thinking too hard about comparisons on that front.The most fun part is changing the backgrounds however which range from a beach, pool or mountain to classic black or white and sepia.The effects don't exactly look realistic, but it's fun all the same.Still, it’s a relief when Kenny teams up with another blackmail victim, giving Lawther an unexpected scene partner in Jerome Flynn (whom you might know as Tyrion’s right-hand man Bronn on ).

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