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One of your best sources of new leads is your team's support inbox.

Maybe a customer will email who's interested in purchasing another product, or a non-customer will get in touch with questions about your plans.

Best of all, Google Contacts keeps track of every email with your contacts for a simplified view of your relationships.

And preview contacts quickly from your Hub Spot CRM contacts list's sidebar popover that shows details about contacts without having to open a new page.

With a free account, you get all the core CRM features to manage contact info, create deals and track as they progress to a final sale, list tasks and appointments with contacts, and build signup forms for your website as a quick way to gather new contacts.

There's only one downside: You can't share your full contacts lists with others, and can only share one set of contacts at a timeā€”and even then can't share emails without forwarding them.

That makes it best as a personal CRM, one that's perfect if you already use Gmail.

Maybe YOU could be that person for someone who's sitting at home right now wondering if it will work for them.

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