Rolleiflex dating


The shutter speeds were automatically controlled between 1/15 to 1/400 second, exposure time was automatic. The name change brings the current model more firmly in line with the rest of Minox's Classic Camera miniature reproduction range.It is visually identical to the original model, but available in both black and red leather finishes.The "Rolleiflex" name is most commonly used to refer to Rollei's premier line of medium format twin lens reflex (TLR) cameras.(A companion line intended for amateur photographers, Rolleicord, existed for several decades.) However, a variety of TLRs and SLRs in medium format, and zone focus, and SLR 35 mm, as well as digital formats have also been produced under the Rolleiflex label.

The camera operates on a single CR2 battery and uses mini SD memory cards.The CMOS sensor has been upgraded to 3 megapixels, with 5.0 megapixels available by interpolation.The taking lens is a 4.9 mm f/2.8; the camera has digital autofocus.A smaller company was created again with former DHW Fototechnik employees, under the name DW Photo at the same location.This camera used a 135 mm/f4.0 Carl Zeiss Sonnar taking lens.The camera had a 2 megapixel CMOS sensor in the square format of the traditional TLR.

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