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Levels 3 & 4- Any Diploma level courses offered by any Faculty/Department of the OUSL Level 5 &6- Courses offered by the Department of Special Needs Education*However Student those who already have a Diploma offered by the Open University need to be followed only 2 years (Level 5 & 6).This certificate program is only available in English.Since 1986, the LDP has guided more than 680 Level 2 students to achieve academic growth and success.These graduates are teachers, counselors, hotel administrators, business executives and professionals throughout the legal and criminal justice systems as well as many other professional careers.Barbara Weigert, professor of education, and later assisted by Tina King.In 1998, Dianne Rogers served as Director of the Learning Differences Program at Mercyhurst.Three years later, Brad Mc Garry became the Coordinator of the AIM Program.

Program Description: The Online Inclusion and Special Needs Certificate begins with a basic overview of special needs issues that early childhood professional are may encounter, including descriptions of various conditions and disabilities, recommended teaching and guidance practices, and basic requirements and guidelines under federal law.

Participation in the PASS Program involves living on campus for three weeks, earning three college credits, and developing a higher level of academic skills and abilities.

Our PASS Program will create confidence and provide knowledge about the campus, allowing the student to adjust more smoothly into the academic year at Mercyhurst.

Rogers had worked with populations of individuals with special needs, including students with sensory disabilities, physical disabilities, social and emotional disturbances, and learning disabilities, in addition to her involvement with the Autism Spectrum population.

In 2004, Elaine Ruggiero began serving as the Assistant Director of the Program. The introduction of the Asperger Initiative at Mercyhurst (AIM) in 2008, under the auspices of the Learning Difference Program, began providing social and academic support to individuals with Asperger Syndrome and high functional individuals on the Autism Spectrum.

Many of the friendships that are created during the Summer PASS Program last throughout the college years and beyond.

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