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Many woman, for example, believe that there must be a "perfect match" for them out there, and its their job to wait for them.This may seem romantic, but it is horribly debilitating.As soon as she's lost that first rush of emotion and is getting to know him as a flawed human (and not the paragon of perfection her ignorance initially allowed him to be) she feels obligated to end the relationship.This happens with some frequency where women have been duped by the media into thinking that marriage must be a state of perpetual bliss and that, if it is not, something must be wrong with their partner. 46-47)With One Voice is filled with such practical wisdom.Still, it seemed that there should be more that I should know so when I began my own search for a mate I turned to Christian books on dating and marriage.

It shines the light of God's Word on this topic and shows that God's perspective has not changed--Tim Challies Blogger at is one thing to always keep in mind, my father said, summing up his views on choosing a wife, "Cooking lasts, kissing don't." Considering that my mother considered Spam to be one of the four food groups, I can understand why he thought this advice was essential.

The Chediak's [have the] warmth, wisdom and good humor of those who know the road and some of its potholes!

'--Ben Patterson, College Pastor, Westmont College, Santa Barbara We are very thankful for With One Voice by Alex Chediak.

Now I'm 22 and still single but perhaps a tad more wiser in my approach.

It's not like I'm buring with desire but I'm sure if/when I find her (warts and all) I'll find a good thing. Thanks for the review."--Steven - posted on AM 'If only courtship and marriage were so simple that all we needed was a manual to figure them out!

We will heartily recommend it to others at church and in classes we teach.--Bruce Ware Professor of Christian Theology, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky Rare is the book with dating and marriage as its topic that I feel I can recommended without reservation....

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