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Over the centuries, Welsh has been highly influenced by Latin, English, and to a lesser extent, Norse and Irish through various invasions of Britain.

It has a rich poetic tradition with some of the oldest British poetry being attributed to Welsh, dating back to the 9Welsh is one of the most vibrant and widely spoken minority languages with 560,000 speakers in Wales, 5,000 in Argentina and thousands more worldwide.

Chad, St Teilo Gospels, the Llandeilo Gospels, and variations on these) is an eighth century Insular gospel Book housed in Lichfield Cathedral. The manuscript is also important because it includes, as marginalia, some of the earliest known examples of written Old Welsh, dating to the early part of the 8th century.

There are 236 surviving pages, eight of which are illuminated. Marginal entries indicate that the manuscript was in the possession of Welsh church, St.

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The standard language is a mixture of the two, and the grammar of literary Welsh is so vastly different from the colloquial varieties that it may be considered a separate language altogether.

The repeated "fa la la" is from medieval ballads and used in Nos Galan.

The remaining lyrics are American in origin dating from the nineteenth century.

Paleographic and stylistic similarities link it to Northumbria and Iona: the painting techniques resemble those of the Lindisfarne Gospels and the Book of Kells.

Some scholars view this great gospel book as likely written in Wales due to the Welsh marginalia, perhaps Llandeilo Fawr In 1996, by studying the Lichfield Gospel’s type of paper, pigmentation, and style of text, researcher Pamela James concludes that the most likely place of origin for the manuscript is Lichfield itself.

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