Emma watson dating one night only singer updating quickplay

(More on that later.) creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, who met Watson backstage at a performance of the musical, sums it up: “She played this very smart, conscious, noble wizard—and then somehow we had the good fortune that she became a smart, conscious, noble woman.” (They did a video together—Miranda freestyling, Watson beatboxing—to raise awareness for International Women’s Day.It got more than six million views.)Emma and I got to know each other, and I visited her on the sets of the last two Harry Potter films.

held at Worthy Farm in Pilton on Saturday (June 26) in Somerset, England.

She hops in, places it on a seat, hops out, and watches from the platform as the doors close and a young man inquisitively picks it up.

Aboveground, over coffee at a nearby café, Watson explains why she thinks reading is “sacred.” There’s the obvious, professional reason: Harry Potter was a literary sensation before becoming the blockbuster franchise that made her famous and a millionaire many times over.

Next month, she’s back on the big screen as Belle in Disney’s ’s record.) But today she’s makeup-free, her hair shoved into a bun, and she’s wearing a nondescript dark wool coat over a baggy black sweater, completely blending in with New York’s distracted mass-transit masses.“It’s good that we’re spreading a little bit of love,” she says.

As she removes the last book, a train pulls into the station.

So, uh, when's that soundtrack coming out, Disney?

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