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I wasn't sure how wet she'd be, so just in case, I reached in the top drawer of the nightstand and pulled out the lube, spreading a generous helping on my cock, which I immediately thrust into her waiting fuckhole. I paused for a minute, just enjoying that warm wet sensation of my cock being buried deep inside a hot tight pussy. Then I began to fuck her, slowly at first, but rapidly building in speed. I briefly paused again, just long enough to put her legs on my shoulders, and then resumed the hard fucking, my balls making that slapping sound as they smacked against her ass. Before she could leave, I sprang out of bed and grabbed her by the arm, spinning her around. " I continued to hammer away until just before my orgasm. She seemed a bit confused at first, but when I stood up in front of her and pushed her face into my cock, she knew what to do. " Last time she sucked on me I remembered that she wanted me to call her Lissy, so I grabbed a handful of her gray hair and said,"Oh Lissy!

Another 45 seconds of rapid thrusts, heavy breathing, and her moaning went by before I came, shooting gobs of hot sticky cum into her pussy. "I'm not done with you," I said, "you said you were my slut for an hour and it's only been 30 minutes." I forced her to the floor, down to her hands and knees with her ass in the air. She took me deep in her soft wet mouth and began bobbing her head up and down.

She continued, "I also know, from the way you both are acting and from my own experience when I was pregnant, that my daughter has no interest in sex and, has probably not satisfied you in a long time." "Exactly 15 days," I replied.

"Oh, my poor baby," she said, running her fingers through my hair.

My little girl is pregnant with my first grandchild. " I grunted and blew my load in her mouth saying, "drink my cum woman!

So, because of that, I'm ready and willing to spread my legs for you. It's all yours." She spread her legs and rubbed a hand over her pussy through the covers. I'm not necessarily looking to cum, I'm here for your entertainment more than anything." We both became silent again, just lying there under the covers, not really even touching.

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Unfortunately for me, I've had to resort to masturbating." I asked, referring to her statement that nobody but her husband was allowed to fuck her pussy."Well, under normal conditions that's the rule, but these are extenuating circumstances. "You're a life saver." She smiled and said, "any time. Don't get me wrong, it still feels good, but there's a huge difference between sliding your cock through your fingers and having it sucked or fucked by a hot chick.So, last week, my mother-in-law, who you may have read about in one of my earlier stories, decided to come up and spend a couple days with us, mainly to keep Lissy company and take care of her while I was at work." "I was just dozing," I replied, quickly sitting up. She told me the other day that she let you do the laundry.

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