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He also stated he would work with the Federal Trade Commission in the US to force the site to shut if the Russian authorities failed to cooperate.

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A Russian-based website was found to be accessing HUNDREDS of cameras across Britain before uploading the content to the internet.

The website is thought to feature live feeds from homes across the country - covering the living rooms, bedrooms and gardens of unsuspecting Britons.

What we do know – in September 2014 a driver in Chelyabinsk got more than he bargained for after pulling over a vehicle in a fit of rage when four cartoon characters (Sponge Bob, Scrat, Mickey Mouse and Luntik) jumped out.

They kicked and punched him as he lay helpless on the street before speeding off into the night.

An estimated 350,000 web cameras were sold in the country last year, many of which came with a default login code set up by the manufacturer.

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