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It’s important to be on the same page when it comes to couples and money management because a thrifty partner or spouse dating or married to someone who loves splurging on a regular basis can lead to quite a bit of conflict in that relationship.

If you’re the budget-conscious, money-saving side of the relationship, then you wouldn’t want to deal with the stress of watching your partner (or spouse) dipping into your joint bank account or coming up short for shared expenses (e.g., rent or dining out) because they went on one too many shopping sprees recently.

” A better approach would be to bring up money management in a general conversation and, if you have a good score, mention it, or if you have a bad score, explain what you’re actively doing to improve your financial management (this demonstrates you’re at least trying! If you want to improve your credit score, then there are several ways to accomplish this: Will someone refuse to date you or ditch you on the first date simply because your credit score is poor or fair? However, for a long-term romantic relationship, your credit score really matters to people seeking financially stable, lifelong partners, so there’s no better time than now to increase the perception that you’re responsible with your money and pay less interest by reducing your debts and building your credit score today.

where Puck and Santana broke up because she didn’t want to be with a guy who had such a crappy credit score.

If your credit score is in the poor to the fair range, then you might want to ramp up your efforts to improve it because the Discover/Match Media survey found that a higher credit score was associated with greater trustworthiness and intelligence as well. It’s just how others perceive people with good credit scores.

If you’re wondering about how your credit score could impact your dating life, here are some other considerations the survey tackled: When asked about what they think about people with good credit scores, the survey respondents said that it is: more attractive than having a nice car (58%), more attractive than having a great job title (50%), and more attractive than a physically fit body (40%).

Like most things on that show, it was played as a satire and for laughs.

Or maybe it wasn’t: the reports that in these days of financial uncertainty people are asking potential boyfriends and girlfriends for their credit scores before deciding whether to go on a second date.

Your credit score matters when it comes to deciding whether to make a relationship more serious or even get engaged, but it’s most likely not something you’ll want to brag about in your dating profile or show off in a first date conversation.

“Credit scores are like the dating equivalent of a sexually transmitted disease test,” said the founder of a financial firm quoted in the piece. test gives some information about a person’s sexual past.” Here’s the problem, though: we don’t usually ask about STDs on a first date*, either.

“It’s a shorthand way to get a sense of someone’s financial past the same way an S. As more couples wait longer to get married, it’s not unusual to want to make sure you and someone else are on the same page financially before you get serious. A first date should feel like a first date, not like a job interview. Putting in a request to see your college transcripts?

A 2015 Federal Reserve report on credit scores and committed relationships even found that your relationship is more likely to last if you’re dating someone with a similar credit score.

If you’re single, then here’s an extra boost of motivation to work on your credit score to improve your odds of success in the dating pool.

When a relationship goes through a financial bump on the road, it can be devastating.

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