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In Western Christianity, the earliest possible date is April 30, the latest possible date is June 3.

In Roman Catholicism, the Ascension of the Lord is a Holy Day of Obligation and in the Anglican Communion, Holy Thursday is a Principal Feast.

The Pilgrimage of Aetheria speaks of the vigil of this feast and of the feast itself, as they were kept in the church built over the grotto in Bethlehem in which Christ is traditionally regarded as having been born.

It may be that prior to the 5th century the fact narrated in the Gospels was commemorated in conjunction with the feast of Easter or Pentecost.

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The Eastern Orthodox Church uses a different method of calculating the date of Easter, so the Eastern Orthodox commemoration of Ascension will usually be after the western observance (either one week, or four weeks, or five weeks later; but occasionally on the same day).

the church of St Michael at the North Gate in Oxford).

Members of the parish walk round the parish boundaries, marking boundary stones (e.g.

Representations of the mystery The Latin terms used for the feast, ascensio and, occasionally, ascensa, signify that Christ was raised up by his own powers, and it is from these terms that the holy day gets its name.

In the Book of Common Prayer of the Anglican Communion, "Holy Thursday" is listed as another name for Ascension Day.

Some believe that the much-disputed forty-third decree of the Synod of Elvira (c.

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