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For the first 12 years of the NFC South, there was no repeat winner.

Then, Carolina captured three straight in the Dixie division and was even favored by 5½ over velocity-limited Peyton Manning and the Broncos in the Super Bowl 50 (but lost 24-10).

However, it must be pointed out that the Pats’ dynasty has not exactly been Vince Lombardi hammering-type stuff.

New England’s Super Bowl victories have been by 3 points (over St.

If there is an “over” in Phoenix it will likely be calls from potential suitors at the trade deadline; Bledsoe, plus two of the few vets on the roster (Tyson Chandler and Jared Dudley), figure to be the depth in the East is negligible, the top-tier teams will likely meet less resistance as they move past 50 wins. GM Danny Ainge looks as if he has assembled the most serious threat to Le Bron James’ streak of seven straight East titles in Miami and Cleveland.

The Bears are 3-0 SU for Wilcox, who has them playing defense in Berkeley for the first time in years, while new o.c. to be as bad as they were in last year’s 2-14 debacle. Five more trades followed, including one with Seattle so the 49ers could steal, who looked on their way to multiple titles a few years ago, with a young, championship-level core that won Super Bowl XLVIII in a romp and if not for a temporary loss of consciousness the following year would have won back-to-back Supes.The bench, an Phoenix Suns (29) are the rare college team developing within an NBA team, featuring a lineup that in past decades would be more worried about March Madness than the NBA Finals.The new one-and-done to watch is Kansas rookie wing Josh Jackson, but the Suns remain more interesting as individuals (Devin Booker, Marquess Chriss, Eric Bledsoe, TJ Warren, and now Jackson) than as a group.More than somewhat surprisingly, Kubiak stepped down after the season finale due to health can’t help but recall some of our more memorable days, often which came in past opening weeks of the college season.We also fondly recall many of the legendary gridiron greats we have had the pleasure of following, though, as a byproduct of the passing of time, we are inevitably losing more and more of the all-timers who contributed to so many of those past remembrances.Especially some iconic coaches, three of whom have passed since we last visited in the Super Bowl LI issuemight have the least convincing case among those teams projected to win their divisions, but the Houston Texans have proven pretty resilient the past two years when cobbling together a pair of AFC South titles.

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