Tips on dating colombian women

Girls are savvy with cell phones and only need sixty seconds to sift through your messages or call history.

I’ve caught two girls messing around with my phone.

The other time I spent the night at this Brazilian girl’s house and woke up in the morning with all my clothes gone.

While it would take time for her to sift through emails if you slip to the bathroom, girls go straight to the Sent folder to gather evidence.

Here’s how I have avoided problems: I’d go without telling my girl and for the first hour I’d be diligent about scanning the room for her or her friends.

As the night went on, and the chances of her coming was reduced, I’d ramp up my game and start touching girls and going for kisses.

You don’t need to wear a disguise but appear a little differently.

The reason is that her friends are spies and when you’re creeping they may spot you and then immediately rat you out.

While some guys will argue that a way to win a girl is through her friends, I only find that to be the case with very young girls around college age—once she’s in her mid-20’s she doesn’t seek as much approval from her friends as before.

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