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When setting options via HTML attributes, remember to enable the validator by setting data-bv-date="true".You don't need to do that when using HTML 5 type="date" attribute (the format then will be forced to be YYYY/MM/DD).// mm/dd/yyyy, m/d/yyyy // Ssmm/2 const DATE_REGEX = new Reg Exp(/^(\d|\d)\/(\d|\d)\/\d$/); // h:mm am/pm, hh:mm AM/PM // const TIME_REGEX = new Reg Exp(/^((1[0-2]|0?

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These will be used in the component class, in the template (for HTML5 validation), and in the validation error messages.TL; DR: This 8-part tutorial series covers building and deploying a full-stack Java Script application from the ground up with hosted Mongo DB, Express, Angular (v2 ), and (MEAN stack).The completed code is available in the mean-rsvp-auth0 Git Hub repo and a deployed sample app is available at https://rsvp.We can also execute dynamic logic whenever any value in the form has changed. This differs from template-driven forms, which are asynchronous.Therefore, the controls in template-driven forms are not consistently available at all times.import from './pages/admin/create-event/create-event.component'; import from './pages/admin/update-event/update-event.component'; const routes: Routes = [ ..., , ...

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