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Now I have this platform to help people feel more comfortable in their sexuality. You're not going to cry watching it — unless it's from laughter."The first episode delivers on the funny. Earlier that day, Rose had written an emotional letter to her 3-year-old son, Sebastian.While at times it does feel like it's trying too hard (doesn't every pilot? I ask how she'll prepare him as a Black man in this world as he gets older.In such darkness, the LA Slut Walk was a beacon of light, providing a safer space to freely express dissent against rape culture, sexual stigma, and the ruling party's sex-negative political platform — all while wearing as little or as much clothing as you please.The event began in the morning with a mile long march and ended with talks, performances, and celebrations in Pershing Square where dozens of vendors (myself included) sold their wares.Slut Walks are nothing new, and have been making waves around the world since the movement started with Toronto organizers in 2011.However, now that we have a president who faces sexual assault allegations, talks openly about groping women without their consent, and is a threat to bodily autonomy for women and LGBTQ rights, America is in dire need of a refresher course on consent and sex positivity.Throughout the day, multiple activists took to the stage to affirm that sex workers rights are human rights.As a former stripper, Amber Rose has been an advocate for sex workers, and her outfit for the Slut Walk flipped the script on the "Captain Save-A-Ho" archetype in all the best ways.

Another day, another Tinder post, because there is always something funny, or bizarre, or sexual, or just damn unexpected, and now we have another one for you.In the past, some Slut Walks have gotten serious flak for their lack of diversity and insensitivity to the needs of women of color and trans women.Because racism, homophobia, and transphobia impact the ways sexism manifests, feminism must include the lived experiences of people.Talking to Amber Rose, the phone cradled on my shoulder and her voice purring into my ear from Los Angeles, I can imagine what it might be like to be a lover getting to know her during a three-hour, late-night conversation.She has a soft, tinkling, melodic voice — sweet and pure.By far, the most inspiring part of the day was witnessing friends who made signs together, coordinated their outfits together, and marched together.

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