Christian speed dating hong kong

I am open-minded, enthusiastic, genuine, well-traveled, doing well in my career . I always prefer real, face-to-face interaction to faceless, instant communication with someone miles or continents away. Send Message Ref ID:51b635e7-3865-4851-b48b-f113c76f69d2 If you are interested in joining a small private group of smart and successful career women (30 ) from all over the world please message me.

I love coffee and conversations, drinking, dancing , travelling and enjoying life in general. We share our experiences and support each other on our journey to find love.

If there is a Christian speed dating match between any two attendees, the organizers forward this info to the Christian speed daters, along with contact information.

Christian Speed Dating Benefit #1Where else can you meet a large number of Christian singles interested in the same thing you are: finding a date.

When replying, please kindly provide your name and phone number so that I can add you to our whatsapp group. Send Message Ref ID:b7de3dcc-1c56-425e-8792-444e0a815b38 Attractive mature woman seeks great connection, companionship, emotional and physical intimacy with someone of great character. I am early 30s lady from HK , studied in overseas for a bit, my hobbies are sports but not hiking, hope I can meet a good guy around my age to be friends?

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My ultimate goal is to find the right person for a LTR.The tricky part of living abroad is meeting an unattached man who can spare a bit of time to meet up and see if things click.Life is so busy for everyone - but life is a real adventure, and adventures are so much more enjoyable when you have someone to share it with.Im not here in this site looking for a rich guy, i want a decent guy, loving person and a simple life.Looking to men to become friends with and (if all goes well) a long term/life time relationship. Send Message Ref ID:8f1f84c1-ffc9-4c0d-bb13-b7dee101139b Like winter, I want to give you chills up your spine. Like summer, I want to bring warmth and love to your heart, body an soul.Christian Speed Dating Benefit #2Speed dating does what it implies: It saves time in the search process for a dating relationship Christian Speed Dating Benefit # 3 The structured interaction helps love shy singles overcome their fears of meeting others.

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