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Rusty: where on the east coast of the US is the best place to see them or does location even matter? Heyam: Will the meteor shower be only visible to the people in the U. Bill: Yes, but not as many, only about half the rate.

donakene: How do the meteor showers affect space stations and satellites?

Those with sharp eyes will see that the meteors radiate from the direction of the constellation Perseus. lauraaa: Will you be able to see the meteor shower from Worcester in the UK? The next chance of clear skies is Saturday night into Sunday morning. Bill: You'll see a few Perseids then, but the rate will be greatly diminished -- below 15 or so per hour. the Skies/posts/post_1281630596623Tom: I live in Slovakia, will be there good spot to see it? finalizer: Don't you know once again a cloudy night in the N. Bill: the Skies/posts/post_1281630596623Up_In_Canada: What is the best way to see the Perseids in Ottawa, ON, Canada. I live in New York and I just added a three car garage. Bill: After 10 p.m., but most before dawn around 3-4 a.m. James: Where should I look for the meteors from London? cgrayflorida: Can you tell us if we can record the meteor shower with a regular digital video camera? If not, what about using the night vision setting on the camera, would that help? mechanical_engineer: How fast do the meteors enter our atmosphere?

More About Chat Expert Bill Cooke The head of NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office, Dr. Paula: Who lives in the South Hemisphere will see the shower? We tried yesterday and only saw about 5 over 2 hours. Bill: You need to be able to expose for several seconds or minutes. I live in a town with a lot of bluffs would it be wise to get to a higher elevation for better viewing? david: During the meteor shower will the moon be visible? Bill: Perseids enter the atmosphere at 130,000 mph. the Skies/posts/post_1281630596623wishwithme: The next chance of clear skies here in the Northeast is Saturday night into Sunday morning. Bill: You'll see Perseids, but the rate will be greatly diminished.

These bits of ice and dust -- most over 1,000 years old -- burn up in the Earth's atmosphere to create one of the best meteor showers of the year. Thank you Bill: Lie flat on your back and look straight up. Gabe: Why do the meteor showers appear the best during August? Also check out this blog post: the Skies/posts/post_1281630596623brown: Since what time can we see the shower tonight? Thanks for your patience as we answer your questions. joe: I read above that most of the comet debris is around 1000 years old. Bill: Yes, it is, but remember they were part of the comet before they left it -- and the comet is billions of years old. Bill: The Perseid rate will be at maximum tonight just before dawn your time. Bill: No, Perseids are tiny bits of ice and dust and hit the atmosphere at 130,000 mph. JBunny313: Is any of this actually going to impact earth? mechanical_engineer: Is the 80 per hour more towards dawn? Bill: It's a meteor shower, not a storm, and yes, you can see it from there.

The Perseids can be seen all over the sky, but the best viewing opportunities will be across the northern hemisphere. Bill: The Perseids are one of the best annual showers because we run into material left behind by a large comet, which dumps a large amount of meteoroids. Patrícia_Borges: Is there any danger that some meteor get houses or people en Brazil, especially in Mato Grosso State? :) wishwithme: Here in Rhode Island we had way too many clouds to see the meteor shower. cacman14: Will people in western New York be able to see the shower tonight? Since you have a clear dark sky, I suggest you lie on your back and go out after midnight. Josh: Hi Bill, I'm with the Stanford Astronomical Society and we'll be hosting a viewing tonight on campus Bill: Great -- good luck with the viewing! matttttt: Bill is there a possibility of any of the meteors striking my house? :) trevadetrev: Will i get a better view with a telescope? Use only your eyes because you need to see as much sky as possible. choi: what time will the meteor shower be visible in Calgary, Canada?

perseidwatch: Hi bill can you tell me when the earth orbits through the debris how long do the showers last for Bill: Perseids last for about two weeks. Perseus will be the K-shaped constellation to the east of Cassiopeia. Some years we encounter narrow streams left behind by the comet in the recent past, and that give us a better shower (like last year).

After obtaining his Ph D, he came to work at Marshall Space Flight Center as a member of the Space Environments Team. Bill: Because the direction the meteors come from, called the radiant, gets higher in the sky as the Earth rotates. a_neutron_star: Will those affected by moderate light pollution still have a pretty good chance of seeing some action? (Moderator Jason): We're still working on answering all the questions you've asked.

When not occupied with meteor observations and shower forecasts, he dabbles as a free- lance author for magazines and is a mentor for the Team America Rocketry Challenge and NASA's Student Launch Initiative rocketry programs. This is very exciting and I'm glad to be able to participate!!! david: Where is the best place in etobicoke to see the Perseid meteor shower? The higher the radiant, the more meteors you'll see. Bill: You'll see brighter Perseids, but not as many as a person with clear skies. If you haven't seen yours yet, give us a few minutes to get to all of your questions. baxter30: I'm in Georgia, how well will we be able to see them tomorrow night (Friday)? :) Bill: Tomorrow night the rate will be about half of what it is tonight. kief12: Will you be able to see the meteor shower in Vancouver B. Bill: Yes: the Skies/posts/post_1281630596623trminton: Are this year's Perseids any better or worse than previous years?

11, 2010, combined from 39 single station events over Chickamauga, Ga. Moser, NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office) View large image More Information › NASA News: Meteors › NASA Worldbook: Meteors › Wikipedia: Perseids Hi everyone!

Thanks for the AMAZING participation for the Perseid chats, especially the "Up All Night" Web chat.

If forecasters are correct, the shower should produce a peak display of at least 80 meteors per hour. Is it necessary to stay up until the wee hours or can we catch them around 11 or midnight? To submit your own question, please type it in the box at the bottom of the window and click the 'Ask' button on the right side of the box.

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