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TLDR: last weekend I got turned down for not having a 'dating resume'... ---- Full story: Last weekend I saw an absolutely gorgeous girl in the caf.An outrageous babe, a straight 10/10; Mom would be stunned if I brought her home to a family function.Binion said she could not comment on specifics of the Boalt situation but said the new policy would clearly prohibit deans or department heads from dating students within their area of supervision.Binion added that the situation is especially clear-cut regarding law school deans because they are typically asked to write letters attesting to the good character of graduates before students are allowed to take the state bar exam. Lansing applauded the new policy and called it "long overdue."Regulating consensual relationships between faculty and students is "an extraordinarily controversial issue," she said.When it’s a university freshman dating a high school senior, most people don’t think anything of it.It’s the same as a junior dating a senior or a college freshman dating a sophomore.But many schools have vague policies or no explicit restrictions at all on consensual relationships between faculty and students.UC officials said the policy applies only to faculty and student relations, but said they would be returning to the regents in the fall with a separate policy governing sexual relations between faculty and staff members, as well as staff and students.

With the new policy, which takes effect immediately, the university joins a growing number of American higher educational institutions that have restricted such relationships, saying they may exploit students."Just having this on the books will help change whatever behavior is problematic," said Gayle Binion, a UC Santa Barbara political science professor who heads the university-wide Academic Senate. colleges -- has had no systemwide ban on faculty-student dating.Such students, it says, would include those whose academic program requires them to enroll in a class taught by the professor as well as those known to the faculty member to "have an interest" in an academic subject within the professor's area of expertise.It would also require professors to recuse themselves from academic responsibility for students with whom the professors have an existing relationship.When it’s a university sophomore or junior dating a high school sophomore or junior, people think it’s a little weird (but if it’s a long-term relationship (i.e.they’ve been together since they were a freshman and senior in high school) it’s not as bad)."We were all incredibly distressed by that incident," she said.

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