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The M2M series treats gay men more than just as sexual beings but mental beings as well.

Much like most Filipino DVDs, this doesn't really have anything that would make it worth the money to buy.

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It was among the videos that started a slew of videos sold directly in video stores without having the need to have a showing through cinemas.For me, the video was worth it primarily because of Kristofer King and Joseff Young.If the reason for buying it is actor Paolo Rivero then you are better off sticking to Daybreak or M2M3: Versus. He does show up at the start and the forgettable end of the film but his appearance here doesn't help the video any.Kudos to those that made this video and the rest of the M2M series.It goes to show that they made this with a concept in mind and a script in hand rather than put together a string of unrelated shots that focuses on tickling the gay man's libido.Their vignettes that focused on the sense of sight, hearing and touch seemed mere fillers so we can await the next segments where Kristofer King and Joseff Young were the focus.

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