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Stews are mainly served for lunch and dinner, they can either be vegetarian like maharagwe (a tasty bean dish with onions, tomatoes and spices all boiled together, making a thick bean sauce) or a meat stew, normally goat.Served with the ugali and stew is a vegetable dish made from kale, onions and tomatoes called skuma wiki (which literally translated means stretch the week).Rice can be served in so many different ways, but usually it is plain boiled rice.On special occasions, like weddings and feasts, the rice is transformed into a wonderful fragrant mound of colourful hues infused by the spices added like saffron, turmeric and cayenne plus nuts and dried fruits, it is a celebration of food, known as pilau rice (influenced by Indian cuisine probably dating back to when the Portuguese invaded with the aid of the Goans).Kenya grows some amazing tasting fruits, plump mangoes, oranges, tree tomatoes, bananas, plums, grapes and passion fruit to name but a few.So for dessert, fresh fruit is often the main choice.

And we really hope we can help even if it is just an ear to listen or a bit of advice.Sodas are of course popular all over the world and Kenya is no exception - there is nothing better to depict modern Kenya than seeing a traditionally dressed Maasai warrior in all his regalia, drinking a bottle of soda, usually with a mobile phone hanging on his belt.Street foods are popular in and around the markets, which are found all over the country.As a treat, the stews are sometimes served with chapatis, which is an Indian flatbread, the dough is freshly prepared and then rolled very flat before being shallow fried in plenty of oil, served warm, they are soft and pliable but have a lovely crisp edge, they are great for mopping up the juices of the stew.Then of course there is nyama choma - which translates as burned meat! The meat is usually beef or goat and occasionally chicken.Perhaps you're bi singles, or maybe you're bisexual couples, or perhaps in a relationship, and don't know where and how to start, or if this is even for you ?

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