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They ate through Sam's skin and made it bleed profusely,' Mr Kanizay said.'As soon as we wiped them down, they kept bleeding.'The sea fleas were identified after the concerned father returned to the beach the following night to collect some of the creatures and put them in a dish with meat, which they swarmed.'I caught some bugs overnight over in the bay.

I've put meat into a net and they've grabbed on to that like no tomorrow,' Mr Kanizay said on Monday.'We've brought them home and they've just attached themselves to this meat. 'What is really clear is these little things really love meat.' Museums Victoria marine biologist Genefor Walker-Smith examined a sample and said they were a type of scavenging crustacean, technically know as lysianassidae amphipods.'It was just unlucky.

It's a tiny spider-like bug that appears from the pores of the skin and crawls over the face as we sleep. But for rosacea sufferers, the microscopic bug demodex folliculorum is a nightmare.

Now a breakthrough treatment could end the misery of the resulting facial redness and disfiguring spots – and it is based on an insecticide commonly employed for mite infestations and scabies in animals.

Mr Kanizay said Sam would need to stay in a wheelchair for a few days after he was released on either Tuesday or Wednesday.'He can't walk around freely without pain so the wheelchair will help with the pain and help him recover at home once we get him out of hospital,' he said.'Whenever he will move, it will open up those wounds...

so I think there'll be some time, probably, on the couch when he gets home.'Mr Kanizay said Sam's bandages came off on Tuesday and the thousands of wounds finally stopped bleeding.'He's in great spirits, extremely positive and pretty amazed at how the story has spread around the world, I think the attention has distracted him from it,' he said.'We're hoping that there won't be any scarring once it heals.'We're keen for him to get back to school and normal life as soon as possible but the nurses might have something to say about that.'Mr Kanizay insisted Sam wasn't worried about getting back in the water and several scuba diving companies even offered to take him diving.'Sam's up for anything and is going to keep being active in the water, it's never happened before,' he said.

'It's important to say to the community, don't be scared of our waters.

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Helping nature: The mites (seen here on a bee) eventually destroy whole hives because they make the bees more vulnerable to stress and disease.Sam Kanizay is still wheelchair bound three days after he took a dip at Dendy Street Beach in Melbourne on Saturday night where the creatures ate his flesh.His father Jarrod said his mother speculated that the brilliant glowing moon was to blame, but he laughed it off as superstition.The new treatment has been developed by drug company Galderma, which also launched Mirvaso, a topical cream that dramatically reduces facial redness in rosacea sufferers for up to 12 hours, but does not cure the condition.Surveys presented at a meeting of the European Academy of Dermatology found that Ivermectin was significantly more effective than the current gold-standard treatment of metronidazole antibiotic cream.The last process is their skin shrivels up and they sprout hair (pictured)Sony SRS-XB40 has a built-in multi-coloured line light, speaker lights and a flashing strobe.

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