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I have chosen this display to upgrade from a display from another company currently I use.I have posted here about this issue, and have seen other people have the same problem. My mom's HP Pavilion zv5000 ( 4 years old) has been running slow for a year or two now, so I decided to reformat it for her. I spent the past 4 hours googling and searching everywhere for a solution, i found some people had results, but it seems this occurs when you reformat (not the notebook itself).I threw all of her files onto my external harddrive and then proceeded by booting up with the OS CD. Pushing the wireless button located at the top of the keyboard (normaly lit blue) did nothing. It has no IP address and I also tried updating drivers by saving them on my external harddrive then running them into C:\swsetup (where I read they should be). From what i read about this specific computer, however, is that I only have 2 or 3 internet "chips" or drivers (not sure, derp).im running it on winddows 10 https://snag.gy/67i have tryed pdating the C Redistributables (attached in the PN folder) and its not working this problem started after you updated from the first alpha version.https://snag.gy/N2e1I believe this is a duplicate of this bug, please bump that thread and use the template if possible in your post. every time i try to load or create a new world its just stuck on the generating world screen and wont go any furter.

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I have never seen this before, but now the wireless connection is going through a little red icon in the tray, "raido". To sum it up for anyone that comes with this problem.... It's a program that tells you exactly what adapter your computer has and what you need because sometimes manufacturors make mistakes.

I have been advice (thanks to the forum) to use custom digits; have seen some other efforts to minimize the flicker with opaque text instead of transparent.

I think this is one very important thing the 4D systems must solve.

XP allows you to right click an item and update the drivers like that....

thou without XP you can't and should go to the webbie of the peeps who made it!

I went to their site and as far as I can tell is its th first of the series, being zv5000.

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