Radio carbon dating theory


The method they use to attempt to do so is twisted to fit evolutionary theory. Any regular reader of this magazine should know the answer to this basic question.The Bible is the foundation and source of all the forecasts in this magazine.Everyone assumes that dates that follow the word “radiocarbon” are accurate, precise and sure. The basic principle of radiocarbon dating is that plants and animals absorb trace amounts of radioactive carbon-14 from carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere while they are alive but stop doing so when they die.

That is science based on a shifting foundation of sand!

“Despite the uncertainties associated with the older part of the age range, the international radiocarbon community has recommended that intcal 98 be used as the basis for calibration for the time being” (emphasis mine throughout).

So even though it is less reliable and has some serious problems, scientists ignore that and still use it.

That is circular reasoning—defending the method by using the very same method!

On top of that, radiocarbon dating coral presents great difficulties that make it unreliable. Because of another assumption in radiocarbon dating: that it is a closed system.

It contains “the more sure word of prophecy” that guides our analysis of current world events (2 Peter ).

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