Strip cam 100 cam


Video is recorded at 720p maximum for those who are interested in the numbers.

A small stand attaches to the camera via an adjustable ball joint, which means you can move the camera to the position you want.

All in, the product measures 150mm tall, 70mm wide and 90mm deep.

It would have been nice to have deeper control of notifications, such as when motion was detected in a particular area of the room.Aldean was in the middle of his performance when the bullets rained down on the crowd.He posted on Instagram hours later, calling the shooting "beyond horrific."Las Vegas authorities say more than 100 people are wounded in the attack.As it's mains-powered that means you'll end up with a black power lead on display, and will need a plug socket near by.We weren't hugely keen on the cord, but we'd rather that than for the camera run out of battery when away on holiday.The first is download the BT Smart Home Cam app from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, so no Windows Phone compatibility at the moment.

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