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“Mobile phones have become an extension of who we are,” he tells The Huffington Post.

“They are arguably the most intimate possession that we have.” Tinder offers a simple way to meet people online.

Tinder customer service was no help whatsoever, told me to check my mobile connection or try again later. I have been using Tinder for the last year and have met many girls through it from my college.

I'm telling you, a lot of people use social media to meet. I promise you, You will find your significant other. All my returns came back as beautiful females, and they were all prostitutes selling on line "cam sex. I will keep trying to date but I will give up soon and move on.

“The last few times I’ve gone out, I haven’t not noticed someone using Tinder in a bar. If you’re married or in a relationship, you can use Tinder without any members having knowledge about the fact you have a significant other.

So, it enables people to cheat if they feel so inclined.

Some have had success installing previous version of Tinder (don't know where to get it though, and not sure it's safe) then updating to new version once they get signed up.

I couldn't be bothered though, since you can't filter out single moms and smokers, seems pretty limited.

Then you can see how far away they are from you at this moment (i.e.

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