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While all new Sky customers were asked to set their filter level, those who ignored the prompts will soon see their strict filter turned on.

This strict filter lists dating as a “high risk” category alongside “weapon and extreme violence, pornography and sites about suicide, self-harm and developing criminal skill”.

All buildings have retail offerings at ground floor level to activate the public realm.

In addition, the brewery has a listed stables block dating back to the 1850s which is being renovated and converted to retail.

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Sky have announced they are automatically turning on internet filters that block dating sites, if customers have not chosen their filter preference.For information on how to permanently prevent the cookie from being recreated, refer to Permanent Blocking of Cookie section.Normally, cookies, which are small text files that certain Web sites leave on computers to store information identifying users and customize Web site content for them (such as the user’s Web site settings and preferences, a list of visited pages, computer details, and shopping card information), are harmless.The measures give new customers an “unavoidable choice” whether they want to activate the parental filters or not.These filters were intended to protect children from harmful material on the internet, by blocking content such as pornography.Exploring the addition of winter gardens & recessed balconies into larger units without materially changing the external appearance of the buildings.

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