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Be aware though that Facebook ads not connected with a Facebook page will appear exclusively in the right column, not in the News Feed. the action triggers Facebook posts, or “stories,” that the user’s friends may then see in their News Feed. You can bid for clicks, impressions, or your desired objective (e.g., Facebook page likes). As an advertiser, you can choose to set up a daily budget or a lifetime budget.

These “stories” are generated naturally but are often buried in the News Feed. When you add another administrator to your Facebook ads account, they can stop and edit promotions for your page. The user must either be your friend on Facebook or have their email address be searchable on Facebook. If you choose the recommended (and selected by default) option of bidding based on your objective, your bid will automatically be set to help you reach your objective, whereas bidding for clicks or impressions allows for more customization. A daily budget controls how much you will spend on a specific campaign per day.

This is only an estimate, but can help you make sure you’re not targeting too many people (or too few). If you only have a few interests targeted, try adding related topics in the "More Categories" section. Try targeting people who live in your town or local area. If you’re looking to build upon existing leads, you can add a custom audience and upload your mailing list directly to Facebook, enabling you to target users you have an existing relationship with.

Ads perform best when they’re targeted to at least a few thousand people, so consider removing some restrictions if your audience is dipping below this. There you'll find options for narrowing your audience even further - choose users who have had a birthday recently, who upload a lot of photos on Facebook, etc. Couple this with Facebook Offers to be redeemed in store and see just how much in-store footfall you can get from being social. Taking advantage of the custom audiences feature often increases ad conversion rates.

When they see the tag, they’ll be more likely to share your post with their fans, multiplying your reach by a ton! Tag conferences you’re attending, businesses whose articles you’re sharing, favorite clients, etc.

Everyone likes to get noticed, and they’ll remember that you were the one to put them in the limelight. #Hash it out: In a similar vein, Facebook has hashtags enabled and you might as well use them.

Hashtags also help categorize your posts by topic, and while the popularity of Facebook hashtags isn’t exactly skyrocketing, you can search hashtag terms to discover fan conversations you may want to participate in. However, it’s good to think outside the box when delivering testimonials on a social network. Facebook users love to get their voices out and feel heard.

Rather than bland words, incorporate photos, videos, or other media. Try incorporating questions or surveys into your posts for engagement. Posting special, top secret content just for fans on Facebook adds a sense of exclusivity and belonging for your following. Sharing fan-made content is a great way to bolster a true sense of community among your followers. Another strategic post format to drive engagement is the fill in the _____ tactic. As we’ve said, people love to express their thoughts and opinions on Facebook.

Let's kick of the basics with our Facebook Advertising & Marketing Guide with some general tips and tricks for advertising on Facebook. Try starting with the Page Likes objective – you’ll build your audience and encourage folks to like your page. Facebook Offers works similar to the Google Offers Extensions, letting you promote a deal exclusively to Facebook users.

You can upload a mailing list or connect directly with Mail Chimp.

Just click “Create New Audience” in the Audiences section.

Track your engagement metrics and see how the post performs! The more controversial the topic, the more engagement you’ll be likely to see.

Walmart’s example found on Social Media Examiner is an especially good template to follow – they incorporated their brand and added a nice Like vs.

Keep the questions simple though – no one feels like filling out the SATs on Facebook. Post information or tidbits they might not find elsewhere. It shows that you care and makes fans feel valued and appreciated – who doesn’t want that? Users’ eyes are drawn to the _________, and getting eyeballs is half the battle. Posts involving inspiring or life-affirming quotes often perform very well. Jump on the meme wagon: Memes work on the same principle as quotes, but with auto meme generators they are easier to create. We create our own PPC memes from time to time and they tend to do well. Sometimes they like it too much, but you might as well have those soapbox speakers benefit you!

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