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Relatively early in our history, it became apparent that on a weekly basis, one issue following another, that I was not just out of, but completely missing from, the ballpark when it came to predicting what in the Chronicle would provoke significant response and determine its tone.

I read over and write headlines for most of the “Postmarks” we print in the issue and/ or post online.

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The editors and staff of this paper can be trusted.

The “Postmarks” section, which features reader letters as well as comments made online, also inspires con- siderable feedback.

Leaving specific items, stories, or reviews aside for the moment, generally one can discern a relative predict- ability to readers’ reactions in “Postmarks” - ranging from savage responses and dismis- sive attacks to careful, constructive thoughts and differing critical positions.

music BROTHERS AND SISTERS sports ANARCHY IN THE RING AC WAND THE TEXAS WRESTLING TRADITION The Live Music Task Force Tunes Up to Protect the City's Claim to Fame BY KATHERINE GREGOR • P.26 SEE nus Tinc HRonic FOR BREAKING NEWS, DAILY LISTINGS, PERRY MOUTHPIECE BAILS, REBELLIOUS 'RENT' HAS LEGS, A WAXAHACHIE BUZZ KILL, AND MORE MILD RANTS AGAINST THE MACHINE contents VOL. 46 JULY 18, 2008 COVER PHOTOGRAPHY BY TRACI GOUDIE 4 8 PAGE TWO Critical Grasp POSTMARKS Don’t be so quick to dismiss Ypsilanti, Stephen Moser needs to learn correct head shop lingo, and more.


But, no, we’ll be too busy at Sunday’s Makers Faire auditions to indulge in cheap snarkery.

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