Absolutely free fucking no credit card needed

That Nintendo's going to insist on a drip-feeding approach by giving us one or two downloadable games a week is frustrating beyond measure.

Between the Game Boy, the Game Boy Color and the SEGA Game Gear, not to mention the NES' library, Nintendo has months and months of content.

Intuition tells us that you should be able to rate a game just by finding the product page, but that would it is to buy something.Games and categories are just thrown together in random order, all on a single row, so you can only get one item detailed on the screen at once, and you need to manually scroll through icons in order to get to where you want -- if you even know what you're looking for.The arbitrary placement of categories absolutely astounds me." However, I have a specific reason for this self-deprecating opener.There was some part of me -- some naive, doe-eyed, expectant part of me -- that truly thought Nintendo was going to get its act together with the 3DS e Shop.For more information on Apple Music, be sure to check out our posts on the service.

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