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His estranged wife would no longer have him as her spouse as they are separated, despite not being divorced." By: Mr Taxman on Jul 26, 2012 AM "I got married last December and we both have children from other relationships.

I have two investment properties from before we were married, which are negatively geared.

However, from the time the couple became spouses, only one exemption is available, although this may be divided betweenthe two dwellings. She lived in it right up to the day she married Matthew in 2006 and moved into his house, which he purchased in 2000.

As they elected to treat Matthew's house as their main residence, Mary will be subject to CGT on her house from 2006.

If we live together we lose all the above and will have to pay medicare surcharges.

Why would I not simply move in with her as a tenant whom she sublets it to me being my place is too small and still do our taxes as singles. " By: James Eason on Aug 10, 2015 PM "How would I attempt to get the ato to investigate my ex partners financials in regards to child support?

Accountants are frequently asked two questions by couples just about to get married: 'Are there are any tax implications once we tie the knot?

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If you elect to change your name, you can notify the tax office simply by noting it on the front cover of your next return. According to the ATO, the definition of spouse has been extended so that both de facto relationships and registered relationships are now recognised.

You don't need to worry about tax in the lead up to your impending nuptials.

Unless you are involved in a business together, you don't have to lodge a combined tax return.

She will not be liable for CGT on any capital growth in the 14 years prior to becoming Matthew's spouse.

"I can't distinguish whether the two dot points both have to be true for it to be a de facto relationship.

Presumably his wife will nominate him as her partner on her tax return...

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