Mars venus dating 5 stages Crazy sex chats


In stage one, you bought the ingredients and decided what type of cake to make.

In stage two, you actually mixed the ingredients together.

This is also referred to as the honeymoon phase of a relationship. You realize that you may have met “the one.” You start to question compatibility.

You may think, “If only he would change this or that, he’d be perfect.” Unfortunately, your fears about relationships begin showing up, whether you summoned them or not.

It’s the beginning of building the foundation for your possible lifetime relationship.

In this stage you’ll really determine if this is your ideal mate.

You may have to really sort through your emotional suitcase, but if you do, you will then have the required clarity to actualize a true ideal relationship.

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During this intimacy stage, you each start letting go of some of the protective boundaries so you can really get to know each other in a non-protective, emotionally wall-less environment, and you’re opening the door for all your fears about relationships to enter the picture.

In the uncertainty stage, we may have a tendency to think we should leave because of these flaws, but that’s just a normal part of the process that makes the relationship cohesive.

The uncertainty stage is also about addressing our fears about relationships.

Remember, we attract what we actually believe, not just what we think we believe.

So when you’re feeling uncertain, pick up the mirror instead of the magnifying glass.

This stage of dating will begin bringing out the best and worst traits in both people.

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