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Open the log in Mission Planner and select the “Vibrations 3.3” predefined chart.Max peak values must be lower than 60m/sec2, and should be ideally lower than 30 m/sec2. Clip0-2 parameters count every exceed of the thresholds and should ideally be close to zero and not exceed 100 over the course of a full battery.Prerequisites: 3DR Solo uses a UBLOX Neo m7n GPS receiver.

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In order to verify the vibration levels of your Solo, you can analyze the dataflash log.However, some pilots reported long satellite acquisition times to get a fix even in non-obscured locations.Typically, this should take no longer than 30 sec to a minute in a “known” area where you have been flying before, and no longer than a couple of minutes if you are going to fly at a new location.An additional measure is to Minimize vibrations An unusual high level of vibrations can cause a loss of GPS lock.The UBLOX GPS is specified to operate at accelerations up to 4G.I'm using the first app set up from Android Studio.

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