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I, being ignorant and naive fell for this line of bull and sent her money for documents and airfare.Tom (Canada) Report N13 (added on March, 21, 2007) Hi Guys, I got this email after replying to a gumtree advertisement.Petersburg, Svetlanovskiy pr., 62-15 Russia, 428000, Novocheboksarsk, Sovetskaya str., 12-56 Russia, Anapa, Gagarina str., 87 Russia, Olha, Lenina str., 9 flat 37 Russia, Shelekhov, Sibirskaya street, 7 flat 12 Russia, Olkha, Rabochikh street, 11 flat 7 Russia, 117602, St.-Petersburg, Troparevskaja str., 15-27 Russia, Shelekhov, Lenyna str., 9-7 Russia, 117602, St.Petersburg, Troparevskaya str., 17-27 Russia, 121596, St.after I start game on Sherlock Holmes and I found her photos on your web.Michal (Czech Republic) Report N3 (added on October, 20, 2006) This scammer has sent the same mails as the one I sent in last week.

Petersburg, getting visa and travel to my city to work for 3 months.

I was slow in writing back so she never ask for the money.

John (USA) Report N4 (added on October, 24, 2006) We had emailed at least 20 times and spoke on the phone.

then she wanted to meet here in england, she asked for? i said i would come to rusia to give her the money , but she said no it was not safe and she should come here first. Mark (UK) Report N5 (added on December, 13, 2006) She wrote me only 5 times(including over 5 fotos) and than wanted to borrow 500 EUR from me for the flight to me in germany.

then i did a sech and found her on a number of scam sites. when I told here only to send the tickets and never would send money I never heard again.

Petersburg, Partizanskaya str., 16-20 Russia, Kirov, Maklina str., 36 appt. "She" contacted me at City of Brides with the usual, obvious, copied letters and fake photos.

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