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To make matters worse, the Kirino family business begins to go bankrupt, which forces Satoshi and his mother to leave and go into hiding to avoid the press.Before they leave, Miki and her mother meet with them.Even Satoshi refuses to accept his future role as a father.Miki feels that nobody is on her side, and almost decides to give up the baby. She is an average junior high school second grader,who likes spending time with her friends and prefers extra curricular activities to studying.She also enjoys dating her year-older boyfriend, Satoshi Kirino (Haruma Miura).They keep their relationship a secret from their parents because Miki is young and Satoshi is expected to excel in school and get into a university so he can take over the family business by his overbearing mother.One night, after a date, they sneak into a treehouse and consummate their relationship.

Under pressure from his mother, Satoshi tells Miki that an abortion is best.

But can't lie, the actors were really good, they managed to portray the roles like real life.

I just feel it was too prolonged for a sensitive topic, I felt a bit uncomfortable at times.

Satoshi's mother is furious that Miki has chosen to keep the baby and offers money for an abortion, which the Ichinose family refuses.

Although deciding to focus on her pregnancy and how to give birth to a healthy baby, Miki remains grief-stricken over her breakup with Satoshi, who is also struggling to forget about her and their forthcoming child.

Her family and relatives worry about what others will say.

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