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Over recent weeks, thousands of people signed up at Speed.cd, and according to a poll on the site, most of them joined because of the ‘a XXo’ releases.

The a XXo user on the private tracker is clearly enjoying his new status, and has even changed the NFO files bundled with his releases to point to instead of Darkside RG.

While there have been endless debates in the file-sharing community about the sources a XXo used for releases, for many the tag became synonymous with quality, dominating the searches on all public torrent sites.Recently a rumor surfaced that a XXo went to join a private Bit Torrent tracker and continued to share his work there exclusively. Over the years a XXo has been built up to cult figure status by many Bit Torrent users, to a point where the mainstream press and even documentary film makers show an interest.This March a XXo went silent, but some claim that he is still active on a relatively unknown private tracker named “Since axxo is part of this site I have donated ,” one user commented after buying some upload credit and VIP status. Three months of VIP access is only and you’ll get a star next to your nickname as bonus.Then again, if thousands of people can’t spot the difference between the uploads of a XXo and the fake a XXo, does it really matter?Two days ago it was reported that the MPAA had shut down 12 sites in the United States.

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